Planning your installation

    • When you place your order, let your Design Consultant know your ideal dates for installation and we will schedule the job as close as possible to these dates.


    • Your Design Consultant will be on hand throughout the process to offer support and answer any queries. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to provide.


    • Your Design Consultant with your mobile and landline phone number as well as your email address, so they can keep you fully informed throughout the installation. Prior to your installation


    • After you’ve placed your order, your Installer will visit your home at your earliest convenience and complete a full survey of the space you are about to transform. This will help ensure that there are no surprises or delays and make the process move forward smoothly and swiftly.


    • We fully understand that you have a life that will be carrying on as normal while your installation is underway, and we want to cause you as little disruption as possible.

To help you get organised, your Installer will provide you with a full schedule detailing what will be happening and when, including approximate dates and times of when electricity, water and other utilities will be disconnected.Before your installation begins, we will work with you to find the most convenient date for your kitchen to be delivered. Your new kitchen will arrive boxed up and will likely take up a large amount of space, so make sure to plan ahead so you’re not inconvenienced.

Your old kitchen cabinets will need to be emptied completely, and you’ll need a place to store the contents while your new kitchen is being fitted.Remember to keep your essentials – kettle, tea, coffee, milk – accessible. You don’t want to be left without the option of having a quick cup of tea while the installation is ongoing.

You will probably have limited access to cooking facilities while the work is being carried out, so it’s a good idea to plan how you might work around this issue – otherwise it’s takeaways every night.

Household pets don’t tend to find the installation experience as fun and exciting as we at 4 Dimension do, so it’s often a good idea to consider alternative arrangements for the duration of the job. Your installation team will bring a large bag to dispose of any building waste. This is usually kept outside so please consider the best place to store this. Your installation will be as swift, professional and stress-free as possible. What it won’t be is quiet and peaceful.

We make sure to keep all the inevitable mess and noise to an absolute minimum, as well as ensuring that your water and power will only be turned off at convenient times for you. Once your installation is in progress the time between completing your home survey and starting your installation is often short, however if anything has changed in the meantime it’s important to inform your Installer as soon as possible so they can anticipate any issues.

Your Installer will never be too busy to answer questions, offer guidance or provide you with updates on how the project is progressing. Once the project is completed, your Installer will guide you through all the features and benefits of your new dream kitchen. Each job is unique, and on rare occasions unforeseen complications can extend the duration of your installation. While we do everything possible to avoid overrunning, your installer will be open and honest with you about the length of the job and will always let you know as soon as possible if there are going to be any delays